Sunday, December 28, 2008

AM feeding

Our seven song E.P. is in the hands of our good friend Kirby over winter break, and it's finally near completion. We've been working on getting a C.D. together for about a year now, though unmentionable obstacles and distractions have prevented it from happening thus far. On the agenda today is to write trumpet and trombone parts to e-fax over to our newest producer, but of course the male half of our duo is still in bed drooling. I know better than to expect him to be awake before noon or before the smell of fried ham and eggs drifts up the stairs, and yet I still have been awake since 9am, just in case. Or maybe I just think that my presence will help lure our parents into making breakfast earlier.

Here's to leftover Christmas dinner for breakfast.

Your salivating lion cub,