Saturday, April 25, 2009

Although we started about 3 hours later than our optimistic estimations, the first day of Dandy Lions in the studio (sequel to Dandy Lions in the Gravitron) was a success! We tracked four songs, including one of our earliest which we haven't been playing much lately.  Tomorrow we're hoping to get 2 or 3 more and by the end of May we should have an actual real-life album. (It's only been... a year and a half?)

We never did end up with a horn section, but we've rounded up a nice group of singers to belt out some gang vocals. 

More tomorrow... 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

That a way...

The black and white photos that momma lion took came back from rite aid the other day. Unfortunately, we had to ask for a new CD (which has yet to arrive) because the one they gave us includes only the... negative images... sort of??? It turns us into ghostly figures in a ghostly environment?? Anyway, here are some for show & tell, until we either get the actual photos on a CD or figure out how to use our old scanner.

Tomorrow we play at That-a-way Cafe on Greenwich Ave in Greenwich CT- We're on at 9pm and we're just doing a short acoustic set, INCLUDING a Velvet Underground cover in preparation for Sam Schachter's awesome cover band show next week, and a brand new song that we are still working on but want to test on an audience... or something.

I've got to get Dante to write some of these.

PS I really need help with uploading photos to the blog- I made them much smaller and still they cut off nearly a third of the photo! They show up whole in my "posting" so what's wrong with my premade-by-blogspot's layout?? At least I managed to change them so that they weren't all just of me ...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

For a moment, we were merely playing at the Sidewalk (har har)

Friday night's show at our favorite NY venue, Sidewalk Cafe, went fantastically even despite forgetting the words to one of our oldest songs. (Laughing throughout the entire second verse wasn't so bad though- underwear is funny?) Cat hand-colored business cards with our name, myspace, and e-mail and handed them out at the show. They look super!
The general consensus was that the sound was incredible in the middle and back of the venue, and kind of shoddy in the front. (So although we love you to be as close as possible, perhaps next time you should give us some space! Dang.) However, the sound guy did an awesome job at finding a good balance between Dante's voice and mine, which is always exciting.
The other general consensus was that Zak- our bassist- has never looked happier to play with us. His comfort with the drummer- Ben, who learned 8 songs in 2 practices for this show!- was amazing, and he really was entertaining to watch (as I learned later from the videos). Our Papa Sam commented on his playing, saying he really enjoyed "that kid in the back" and we should probably "check his beard for dope". Of course, us lions know that you don't need drugs to feel euphoric. (I would go on about just needing love and good music, but obviously I'm already over my corny-ness limit).
Hee-Young, who performed before us, sang beautifully as usual, although we were still too shy to sing along to her cover of "Toxic". We did, however, find enough inspiration to come home and look up the video for "Lucky," which is obviously Britney Spear's best song.

She is so lucky, but why does she cry?
If there is nothing... missing in her life!
Why do tears come at night??

(yeah yeah uh uh uh)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We braved the 20 degree weather this weekend to take some photos in the snow. Come see us with our frozen paws at our myspace.

photo by our lovely mommy.

photo by our lovely manager.

Monday, January 5, 2009

We enter the world of the late Kurt Vonnegut

We've been taking our stereotypical 'lazy' trait a little too seriously these past cold weeks, but nonetheless are excited and ready to play this upcoming Friday night with some of our fellow Purchase friends. The club is Goodbye Blue Monday- I've never been, but I hear the decor matches our sound exquisitely. Plus Skeletonbreath just played there, which makes me look forward to the venue even more. We play at midnight, just late enough to have a sleepy grumbly voice, but still early enough that there might still be a sober folk or two in the crowd. Before us? Brendan Berry (10pm) and Hee-Young Kang (11pm). After us, at 1am, Rachel Browne, who shares our drummer X-tina. Our bassist is sadly unavailable, so we're hoping a couple of you will join us on stage to sing back-up "la's" and "buh buh's". (Why this seems like the obvious trade-off, I do not know).
Hope to see you there cheering us along! (or at least helping us stay awake.)