Tuesday, February 24, 2009

That a way...

The black and white photos that momma lion took came back from rite aid the other day. Unfortunately, we had to ask for a new CD (which has yet to arrive) because the one they gave us includes only the... negative images... sort of??? It turns us into ghostly figures in a ghostly environment?? Anyway, here are some for show & tell, until we either get the actual photos on a CD or figure out how to use our old scanner.

Tomorrow we play at That-a-way Cafe on Greenwich Ave in Greenwich CT- We're on at 9pm and we're just doing a short acoustic set, INCLUDING a Velvet Underground cover in preparation for Sam Schachter's awesome cover band show next week, and a brand new song that we are still working on but want to test on an audience... or something.

I've got to get Dante to write some of these.

PS I really need help with uploading photos to the blog- I made them much smaller and still they cut off nearly a third of the photo! They show up whole in my "posting" so what's wrong with my premade-by-blogspot's layout?? At least I managed to change them so that they weren't all just of me ...


  1. Greetings, Dandy Lions! Welcome to the BLOGOSPHERE!

    You guys sounded great last night at The Sidewalk Cafe. Your new bass player is killin'! You both sounded fantastic.

    Might wanna think about getting a drummer that doesn't suck, though...