Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Such and such.

1. Saturday's show at the Sidewalk was... you should've been there.

2. The final tracks of our E.P. are going to be emailed to us tomorrow! Soon they will be made available to our fan-mily.

3. Newburgh Restoration, an amazing site run by Cher Vick, has added Dandy Lions to its arts and culture section. Check out the site to learn more about Newburgh's current, and historic, situation and to see why it's such a cool place to be.

4. Hyena (a.k.a. Colby Nathan's band) has recently released their first full-length album... on vinyl! It sounds delicious. If you haven't heard Colby's music, you can check it out here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh yes, the E.P. is...

...almost done!

We even had a listening party at De Leo Manor just last week.

Our drummer and producer, Ben Goldstein, is in the final throes of mixing our debut record. The E.P. features three of our oldest songs and three of our newest. Be prepared for the release party invite! It has been years in the making.

Dandy Lions have been congregating in the basement of the music building at Purchase college this past week to practice for our next


this Saturday at the Sidewalk Cafe! Click here to r.s.v.p on facebook, or here to view Sidewalk's calendar. We're ready to play songs that are rarely heard, as well as all six from the upcoming record, with the full band! You'll see Lena on accordion, Ben on percussion and showing off some new choreography, John Feliciano dual-wielding the upright and electric bass, and Dante playing an unexpected instrument. We play at 8pm, just to give us plenty of time to drink with you afterwards.

Friday night we'd like to invite you to two of our great friends' senior recitals at SUNY Purchase. Selena Coburn and Colby Nathan. Coincidentally both shows will feature some Dandy Lion sounds...
We hope to see you there!