Thursday, February 5, 2009

For a moment, we were merely playing at the Sidewalk (har har)

Friday night's show at our favorite NY venue, Sidewalk Cafe, went fantastically even despite forgetting the words to one of our oldest songs. (Laughing throughout the entire second verse wasn't so bad though- underwear is funny?) Cat hand-colored business cards with our name, myspace, and e-mail and handed them out at the show. They look super!
The general consensus was that the sound was incredible in the middle and back of the venue, and kind of shoddy in the front. (So although we love you to be as close as possible, perhaps next time you should give us some space! Dang.) However, the sound guy did an awesome job at finding a good balance between Dante's voice and mine, which is always exciting.
The other general consensus was that Zak- our bassist- has never looked happier to play with us. His comfort with the drummer- Ben, who learned 8 songs in 2 practices for this show!- was amazing, and he really was entertaining to watch (as I learned later from the videos). Our Papa Sam commented on his playing, saying he really enjoyed "that kid in the back" and we should probably "check his beard for dope". Of course, us lions know that you don't need drugs to feel euphoric. (I would go on about just needing love and good music, but obviously I'm already over my corny-ness limit).
Hee-Young, who performed before us, sang beautifully as usual, although we were still too shy to sing along to her cover of "Toxic". We did, however, find enough inspiration to come home and look up the video for "Lucky," which is obviously Britney Spear's best song.

She is so lucky, but why does she cry?
If there is nothing... missing in her life!
Why do tears come at night??

(yeah yeah uh uh uh)

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