Monday, January 5, 2009

We enter the world of the late Kurt Vonnegut

We've been taking our stereotypical 'lazy' trait a little too seriously these past cold weeks, but nonetheless are excited and ready to play this upcoming Friday night with some of our fellow Purchase friends. The club is Goodbye Blue Monday- I've never been, but I hear the decor matches our sound exquisitely. Plus Skeletonbreath just played there, which makes me look forward to the venue even more. We play at midnight, just late enough to have a sleepy grumbly voice, but still early enough that there might still be a sober folk or two in the crowd. Before us? Brendan Berry (10pm) and Hee-Young Kang (11pm). After us, at 1am, Rachel Browne, who shares our drummer X-tina. Our bassist is sadly unavailable, so we're hoping a couple of you will join us on stage to sing back-up "la's" and "buh buh's". (Why this seems like the obvious trade-off, I do not know).
Hope to see you there cheering us along! (or at least helping us stay awake.)


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