Thursday, April 22, 2010

Annnnd we're back

Well I never did return "tomorrow" to continue writing about how successful our recording was going... and that may be because it was once again just a tease. The guy who was recording us seemingly dropped off the face of the planet- thankfully before we had actually paid him. I don't know, everyone seems so excited to start... why can't they finish?

Good thing is, we've finally got it down. Why we didn't record with Ben Goldstein to begin with is beyond me. (HEY BEN!) We've been taking our time and having a lot of fun in our sessions. And although it is a year later, and we still have not finished an album, we are well on our way. (For real, this time).

Our 6 song E.P. is sounding great so far. Our main vocals were finished up today, and now its just harmonies and extra instruments until we can hand it over to Ben to mix and finish up. Hopefully by Fall 2010...?????

Don't give up on us! We're working on it. Really.

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  1. Beautiful! Great to see you guys back! Keep 'em comin'!

    I'd love to see some photos or something of your guys' sessions... Wish I could be there...