Sunday, May 2, 2010

We have a show coming up, our first in a while, so we spent the morning and early afternoon practicing outside on our porch. It's beautiful out today! Our thermometer says its 100 degrees, but I'm going to disagree. It's probably around 80. A few bicyclists turned around probably wondering what in the world sort of noise was coming from our house, and we egotistically hoped that we could gather a crowd on our front lawn. I think the breeze carried our sound, but probably not in a good way.

The show is an acoustic set up with our new PA system that we got for Christmas (and have yet to use in public!) at my friend's new boutique in Beacon. She made us a pretty cute flyer, so I think I'm going to put some up around Newburgh and maybe in New Paltz. Her goal is to reconstruct the consignment shop so that it specializes in vintage, retro, and handmade goods and has both new and old items. It's going to be a great shop once it gets going.

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  1. Yo, that's awesome! Beautiful photos, wish I coulda been there.

    Put some flyers up around Purchase!